For the first time ever the World Wushu Championships will be streamed live
online. Every minute of the action will be shown live in high definition
from Jakarta on The IWUF has hired the world-class IEC in Sports production team, who will expertly film and produce the action that
will go out to a worldwide audience.

On Sunday, November 1 the IWUF official launched the Wushu TV channel. The
website features hours of footage ranging from instructional videos to
action from previous wushu competitions. From November 14 to 18 every
session from every discipline will be available to watch for free on on all
devices through the channel.

This channel is going to revolutionise the way people view wushu. For
athletes, their friends and family can now watch them compete on the world’s
biggest stage. They will also receive the recognition they’ve deserved for
so long. For wushu lovers across the world, they can now watch the action of
their favourite sport. Young children will want to compete in the World
Wushu Championships so that they too will be shown to people from all over
the globe. This is the new age of wushu and it’s in crystal clear high